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The 2014 ANDY Awards
The 2013 GRANDY $50,000 Winner
Each year, the ANDY Jury selects one piece of work that is deemed to be the absolute best in show, the single representative of all the work entered in the show that year. This is the GRANDY. The GRANDY Award and the $50,000 prize is awarded to the most brilliant work of the year.

Entrant: Droga5
City: NY
Title: Thunderclap
Client: DE-DE
Founder / CEO, Thunderclap: David Cascino
Head of Outreach, Thunderclap: Chelsea Orcutt
Designer, Thunderclap: Ted Chang
CEO, DE-DE: Hashem Bajwa
Chief Technology Officer, DE-DE: Robert Spychala
Software Engineer, DE-DE: Garland Davis
Product Manager, DE-DE: HJ Kwon
Adviser, DE-DE: Henrik Werdelin
Creative Chairman, Droga5: David Droga
Vice Chairman, Droga5: Andrew Essex
Designer, Droga5: Kathrin Laser

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