winners 2003
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Chain Reaction, Squares, Bubble Boy

agency Arnold Worldwide, Boston
client Volkswagen of America
Chief Creative Officer Ron Lawner
Group creative director Alan Pafenbach
art directors Don Shelford, Kevin Dailor
writer Joe Fallon, Tim Gillingham, Susan Ebling Corbo
agency producers Bill Goodell, Keith Dezen
production companies The Directors Bureau, Anonymous Content
producers Oliver Fuselier, Shelly Townsend
directors Mike Mills, Malcolm Venville
editors Angus Wall, J.D. Smyth, Andre Betz
music John Dragonetti, J. Ralph
recording studio Soundtrack
Cinematographers Joaquin Baca-Asay, Eric Treml
Special Effects A-52, Brickyard

Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction

MUSIC: Hip, retro beat plays underneath.
Open on a San Francisco sidewalk mid-afternoon. We're tight on a young woman smiling in the direction of the street. Still smiling, she turns and says “hi” to a guy walking into a market. He smiles back while reaching for the door. Opening the door, he holds it for a young woman leaving the market. She smiles, thanks him and continues down the sidewalk. She stops to help pick up fruit that another guy has accidentally spilled out of a basket onto the pavement. He thanks her, proceeds on and retrieves a napkin that's fallen off a café table. The woman sitting at the table looks up and smiles at him as he enters the café. A different guy, exiting the café, picks up her smile, which makes him smile. He walks on, looks back at the napkin woman and accidentally bumps into a different girl walking toward him. They exchange smiles and the girl giggles to her friend. She walks on, smiling and tweaks a horn on a bike that another young man is chaining to a meter. He stands up, smiles at the girl then puts coins in a meter for a woman combing her purse for change. The meter woman thanks him and continues on. The camera pushes off her and finds our very first girl seated at the café with the napkin girl. Suddenly, the action stops. The camera holds on our girl's face then begins to reverse, freezing on the faces of each person we've just seen. This reverse continues full-circle back to our first girl again, just as she looked at the top of the spot. The camera pulls wide off her to reveal the cause for her smile: a New Beetle Convertible. From there the action winds forward in real time again as the car pulls out of frame.
VO: The New Beetle Convertible.
VO: One good thing leads to another.
TAG: Drivers Wanted and VW Logo.



Music up and throughout, building to a crescendo.
Open on a square clock. Cut to square electrical outlet. Cut to various other squares. An apartment building. A box. A slice of processed cheese. A bar code. A fish tank. A ceiling tile. A fluorescent light. A window. A doorway. An overhead shot of a telephone. A slice of toast. A computer disk. A picture frame. A computer key. A filing cabinet. The final cut is of a round Volkswagen New Beetle.
Super: Drivers wanted.

Bubble Boy

Bubble Boy

MUSIC : Electric Light Orchestra's "Mr. Blue Sky"
This is a day, a week, a year in the life of Bill Briggs, a young man trapped in a bubble, climbing the corporate American ladder. Through the use of multiple wardrobe changes, time lapse, split screens and quad splits we depict the repetitiveness of his life, day in, day out, week after week, season after season. The scene opens on bubble boy waking in the morning, turning off the alarm, rising out of bed, turning on the shower, putting on his work clothes, leaving his apartment and so on. From there he is at work, riding escalators, walking through skywalks, sitting at his cube, making coffee, walking through hallways, eating lunch, looking out windows, making copies, returning home, and so on and so on and so on. We don't see much hope in his expressions until we find him walking through a skywalk, in which something outside stops him in his tracks. He presses himself up against the glass to peer out. Suddenly, the screen cuts to black. Our POV has changed and the camera is now inside a New Beetle Convertible looking back toward our glass-encased hero just as the convertible roof is folding down. Bubble boy looks out longingly at us as the New Beetle Convertible pulls away leaving him behind, but enlightened.
Super: The New Beetle Convertible.
Super: Coming soon.
Tag: Drivers wanted. Logo.


agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty, London
client Xbox EMEA
creative director John Hegarty
art directors Fred & Farid
writers Fred & Farid
artists Annelie Whitfield, Nick Patrick, Oliver Bradshaw
agency producer Andy Gulliman
production company Spectre
director Daniel Kleinman
producer Johnnie Frankel
editors Steve Gandolfi, Cut and Run
recording studio Johnny Burn, Wave
Cinematographer Ivan Bird
Special Effects Framestore CFC


A woman is giving birth to her baby. Everything looks normal until the beginning of what becomes a very funny, symbolic and surrealistic scene. (There are no gynecological shots!) When the moment arrives instead of a normal delivery, the newly born baby comes flying out of mum. The baby flies straight through the hospital window and continues its trajectory onwards and upwards high into the sky. We watch as the baby's face and body changes as it continues to fly through the air. The baby is actually developing into an adult before our eyes, as it flies through the sky. First it becomes a young child, then a young teen, then a teen, a young adult, then an adult, a forty year old man, a fifty year old man, a sixty year old man, a seventy year old man, an eighty year old man...
...until finally, he ends his flight in a cemetery.
On the screen we can read:

Desert Island

agency BBDO, New York
client Federal Express
Chief Creative Officer Ted Sann
Executive creative director Gerry Graf
art directors Gerry Graf, Harold Einstein
writers Gerry Graf, Harold Einstein
agency producer Elise Greiche
production company Hungry Man
director Brian Buckley
Editors Ian Machenzie, Mackenzie Cutler
music producer Melissa Chester

Open on a man walking down a sidewalk in a nice suburb. He is dressed well but has a long beard and long hair. He is holding a FedEx package. It is weathered and dirty. He looks at the address on the package; he then looks at a house in front of him. It has the same address.
He walks towards the door and rings the bell. A woman answers the door.
Man: Hi.
Woman: Hi.
Man: I was marooned on an island for five years...
We flash cut to the same man marooned on an island, he's half-naked.
Man: ...with this package...
Flash cut to man breaking a coconut with an ice-skate blade and drinking from it.
Man: ...and I swore that I would deliver it to you, because I work for FedEx.
Woman: That's very admirable. Thank you.
The man starts to walk away but turns back.
Man: By the way, what was in the package?
She opens it, and starts pulling things out.
Woman: Oh, nothing, really...just a satellite phone, GPS locator, fishing rod, water purifier, and some seeds. Just silly stuff. Thank you again. You keep up the good work.
The man turns and walks away. The woman shuts the door.


agency TBWA\Chiat\Day, San Francisco
client Fox Sports
executive creative director Chuck McBride
associate creative director Eric King
art directors Eric King, Ben Nott
writers Susan Treacy, Eric King
agency producer Richard O'Neill
associate producer Dominique Manning
production company Morton Jankel Zander
producer Betsy Oliver
director Rocky Morton
sound design Nomad
Editor Tom Muldoon, Nomad
Special Effects Sea Level

Open on a young man and woman lying in bed. The man rolls over onto his back with a sigh. Cut to close of girl - glaring at her boyfriend. Cut back to boyfriend raising his eyebrows at his girlfriend. Cut back to wide shot of couple in bed. The girlfriend sits up and looks back at her boyfriend. She puts on her dressing gown and walks out the room.

Card: Game 1
Cut to a guy's girlfriend pulling a strip of hot wax off his hairy back, leaving an obviously empty section where there is no hair. He doesn't wince. In the background there's a TV with hockey on.
Card: Game 17
Cut to the same guy playing foosball in a friend's game room. A stray dart comes into frame and hits the guy in the neck and sticks. He looks over his shoulder to see who lost their dart. In the background there's a TV with hockey on.
Card: Game 56
Cut to the same guy approaching a large open dumpster in an alley with a bag of trash. As he holds the bucket over the dumpster and shakes the trash in, the dumpster's large metal lid slams down on his neck. Bang! He pulls his head out and calmly walks away.
Super: The more hockey you watch the tougher you get.
Super: Bluejackets vs. Avalanche, Friday 7pm.


agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Miami
client IKEA
creative director Alex Bogusky
associate creative director Paul Keister
art directors Mark Taylor, Steve Mapp
writer Ari Merkin
agency producer Rupert Samuel
production company Morton Jankel Zander
producer Vince Landay
director Spike Jonze
music Wren Clyce, Mitt Out Sound
Editor Eric Zumbrunnen, Spot Welders

Open on a woman carrying a small adjustable lamp outside to the trash. (sad piano music begins)
From the lamp's point of view, we see the woman walk away and go back into the house.
We cut to a close-up of the lamp. it is tilted upward as if it has just watched the woman walk away.
Time passes and now it is night. it has started to rain on the little lamp. the light from a house window gently illuminates the scene.
We cut again to the lamp's point of view and see the woman in the living room window of her warm home enjoying the light of a new IKEA lamp. she switches off the new lamp and lovingly touches it.
We cut back to the cold, lonely, wet lamp on the curb with the trash.
A quirky sweedish man enters frame and begins talking to camera.
Swedish Man: Many of you feel bad for this lamp. This is because you are crazy.
It has no feelings. And the new one is much better.
Logo: IKEA

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