As the first show of awards season what wins here is often regarded as a predictor for what work will go on to sweep other shows. In the last 3 years we have a 90% success rate of predicting the winning work that goes on to metal in other shows.

Integrated Jury

Never one to spin off into multiple jury groups, our jury remains one integrated group comprised of creative talent from across the globe.  This holistic approach is indicative of our business and lends.


The ANDYs celebrate bravery and innovation in our winner’s circle, programming and formal recognition of the collaboration between creative and marketer, ultimately propelling our industry forward.

Investment in the Future

With decades of commitment, the ANDYs has and will continue to invest in our industry and our people. By earmarking funds from submissions to put towards charitable donations, student scholarships, and mentorship programs together we can shape the industry to reflect our communities.


After half a century The ANDYs announced the elimination of categories, the traditional for-profit award show model, and returned to its roots as an idea-based competition. Further, the ANDYs went LIVE to offer the global community a transparent look into the judging process and the discussion from creative leaders on the state of the industry.