Bravery is the element that we attribute to the most forward creative thinking as it is both an ambition and a belief. In addition to our Redefining Series that highlights personal and shared truths, The ANDYs formally honor the collaboration between the creative agency and their brand marketer who ultimately takes the risk.

Idea Centric

The ANDYs is an “idea” based show, in all mediums and forms viewed in equal weight through a different lens including Craft, Reset/Innovation, and Bravery. The nature of our model creates an equal playing field. “No categories” does not mean less chance to win, it means an equal chance.


In the name of greater transparency and education, The ANDYs have reinvented an awards process that better serves the global community. By inviting everyone in the judging room, entrants receive real-time feedback on their work from top creative leaders in one integrated setting.