We know that it takes a lot of careful consideration and dollars to ensure you’ve entered the right work in the right categories.  And it’s our feeling that if you enter your best work and it wins ANDY you shouldn’t have to enter it multiple times for it to get all the recognition it deserves — because a great idea is a great idea.  By instituting the elimination of categories we ask the industry to simply enter your best work to be judged purely and rewarded accordingly.

Additionally in the name of transparency and education we have opened up the judging room for the community to observe and learn from the deliberation over the best ideas of the year, and offer key insights for future jurors on how they identified and curated them.

We want to offer our industry, and those interested in working in it, greater insight as to what creative leaders are really looking for in standout work.

Awards are indicators of all that is dynamic in our industry, let’s reclaim that position and make sure creative teams, marketers, and partners know that awards, when done right, have an impact on brands, on business, and our collective success.

Creative Council


The best work has been named for the first show of the season.



Our Jury is made up of the highest caliber creative leaders with integrated disciplines and diverse global perspectives.


Unlike other award shows The ANDYs did away with the typical stage format years ago. Since, the annual event has taken on many different forms from experiential multi-floor installations to communal dining to intimate VIP talks with industry legends though the focus remains the same; connection and access. View Photos from the 2018 Celebration.

Management Team

Gina Grillo

President & CEO, The ADVERTISING Club of New York & International ANDY Awards

Lucy Truglio

Director, International ANDY Awards

Ariel Blakeman

Awards & Professional Development Manager