Gigi Lee, Founder / Creative Consultant, Klinik Gigi, Kuala Lumpur

Gigi is owner/ operator of Klinik Gigi (Gigi means teeth in Malay, Klinik Gigi means Dentist/ Gigi’s Clinic). No, she’s not about to put her hands into the mouths of strangers. What she does is develop campaigns with bite, and create work that makes people smile.

She was previously CCO of TBWA, and before that, ECD of Y&R Malaysia. With 30+ years in advertising, Gigi has operated on clients like Tiger Beer, Guinness, Kraft, Nestle, P&G, Toyota, Lexus, Colgate, Campbell’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, Abbott, U Mobile, Television networks and more- picking up a row of awards along the way.

Drills include Best of Show and Agency of the Year at the local Kancils. Grand Prixs, Yellow Pencil, Gold Lions and Colours at regional and international shows. Honours at Effies, MEA, Youtube and Kancils. Work at Germany’s M&K Museum’s permanent collection, and more.

Gigi is currently on vacation, either shopping or enjoying the sea breeze. Probably both. If you have teething issues, you may want to leave a message with Klinik Gigi. No walk-ins. Appointments only.