How to Submit

The ANDY Awards eliminated categories to continue to be a barometer of the industry’s best. As one integrated Jury, all work is reviewed together through different lens including Craft, Reset/Innovation and Bravery.

By including integrated disciplines and diverse perspectives, our Jury can recognize the work’s merit and strongest attributes without the confines of categories. We hope that this saves our entrants time and expense producing multiple case films for different types of media. This model will also, and most excitingly, allow for a broader pool of work to be seen.

Entrants are eligible to win ANDY Gold as well as compete for the Show’s highest honor of Best-In-Show, the GRANDY. All work submitted on behalf of a non-profit organization is also considered for the Richard T. O’Reilly Award. All ideas can be incrementally submitted for consideration of RESET (innovation) and bravery.

During the judging period, work will be discussed and shown on live-stream among the world’s most respected creative leaders.

Please be sure to read the guidelines and reach out with any questions.


What do I need in order to submit?

  • Film, audio or print files – flat submission fee includes up to 3 executions as ‘one idea’. This can be the case film + the actual film, audio file + web-film, or any print combination to best demonstrate the work.
  • Vertical for context – We ask that entrants provide a vertical the submission is associated with in order to help frame the work and give context to the jury.
  • Acknowledgment of which file in your submission can be used for live stream footage.
  • Three names in credits plus a Skype username and phone number where the Jury can reach out LIVE should their work place. If your work does place, we will reach out to ensure full credits to live in the winner’s archive.
  • Short description about the work and any additional context the Jury should know (200-word max). Optional.



This includes ALL brand activations and will be judged on the purity of the creative idea. The work could have been experienced on any type of platform or medium.

This is the foundation for your submissions. Each area beyond this are optional.


Work can be judged an additional time based on its design and production merit. This includes any elements of design or production including animation, art direction, cinematography, copywriting, data visualization, direction, editing, graphic design, illustration, music, package design, photography, typography, UX/UI, VR/AR/MR/CG, VR/CGI, VFX.


This is not an additional lens of review, however, work that was created on behalf of a nonprofit is eligible to win the Richard T. O’Reilly Award, best-in-show for public service should it place on the winners list.  Please check this box if the work submitted was created for a non-profit.


Incremental Fee 

Submissions indicated as RESET will be judged an additional time based on its technical or disruptive attributes. This includes all ground-breaking technology-based creative ideas and experiences created or utilized on behalf of a brand.

Essentially RESET ideas set a new standard for advertising and represent true innovation. Closely described as tangible tech or spatial tech, activation and products can take many forms. Products absolutely must be real-world however entries will not be discredited based on scale.


Incremental Fee

It takes a lot to get a great idea through the advertising “gauntlet” of focus groups, legal roadblocks or otherwise, and we recognize the risks on the marketer side. The Bravery Award recognizes the creative collaboration ultimately between a client and creative team, allowing for bold and courageous ideas to come to fruition and help evolve our industry.


Vertical for Context



Communication / Connected Services




Health & Wellness




Other (organization/non-profit)


Deadline + Eligibility

The ANDY Awards are open to all agencies, individuals, production companies, consultancies, media organizations and brands created anywhere in the world.

To be eligible for submission the work must have been live between March 1, 2018 and March 1, 2019.

First Deadline: January 30, 2019*

*additional $250 late fee per submission for work entered after this date



1500 USD First Entry

1250 USD All Subsequent Entries

500 USD incremental to be considered for RESET

500 USD incremental to be considered for BRAVERY

250 USD per submission after the January 30th deadline.

6.6% processing fee You will be emailed your invoices, payment information, and print work forms (if applicable) through the entry system upon finalization.

4% credit card fee


Spec Sheet

Film Guidelines

HD Source Material:

Screen Size: 1280×720

Encoding Specs:

File Extension: .mov, .mp4

Video Compression Type/Codec: H264

Video Bitrate: 4800 kbits/sec

Frame Rate: Original Frame Rate (23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 50, 59.94, 60)

Audio Codec: AAC (aka MPEG-4 Audio)


Audio Sample Rate: 48kHz

Audio Bitrate: 192 kbits/secScreen Size: 1280×720

Audio Guidelines

File Type: MP3

Quality:  44.1 or 48kHz

Bit Depth:  16bit

Bit Rate: 192kbps


Print File Guidelines

File Type: JPEG Dimensions: Same as source

Quality: 300DPI

Max File Size: 20MB Colorspace: RGB

Colorspace: RGB

If submitting print files, please review guidelines on physical materials needed below.

Print / Physical Materials Needed:

If you have a submission that is ALL print, we ask that you send a mounted physical copy of the print files to The ANDY Awards office. This is the preferred method to judge the work.

Before shipping, you will need to attach the form with entry ID and thumbnail to the back of the print. You will receive this form when finalized, which will also have a barcode. The barcode is how the Jury votes on your work.

Please ensure the barcode is securely attached to the front of your physical print piece in the lower left. For print submissions that have more than one execution, the barcode is only needed on the first print.


If you have further questions, please contact the ANDY Awards team at or 212.533.8080.

For assistance formatting, your creative to our specs use by quickly uploading your files and select International ANDY Awards.

If you have questions regarding uploads please contact our platform partner AwardCore at

Disclaimer By submitting ideas each entrant authorizes the ANDYs to screen, publish or stream their submissions. The ANDYs reserve the right to disqualify any submission that is deemed invalid to eligibility dates. Full terms & conditions found on