ANDY Awards Judging Discussion

Experience the ANDY Awards judging process first-hand! As the 2024 awards season comes to a close we invite you to behind-the-scenes to hear the judging room discussions. Straight from the judging room – where creativity without confines is celebrated – witness the deliberations that defined advertising and creative excellence this awards cycle.


All entries are judged first and foremost on the foundational idea, the BEST IN SHOW for IDEA is the GRANDY. The GRANDY epitomizes excellence, embodying the culmination of the show’s collective effort to raise industry standards. The GRANDY is a shining example of where creative work should strive to be. To be considered in the final discussion for GRANDY is a great honor in itself.


Bravery within the context of our industry involves navigating a complex landscape of focus groups, legal hurdles, and inherent risks faced by marketers. The Bravery Award celebrates the exceptional collaboration between marketers and creative teams, honoring their courage in bringing bold and innovative ideas to life, ultimately driving the evolution of our industry.


RESET ideas aim to set a new technological or innovative standard. This is the area in which some of the most sophisticated solutions are reviewed and signal where the industry – and the world – is heading.


Immaculate craft can transform a great idea into an iconic campaign to study and applaud for years to come. The art of production, craftsmanship involved in post-design is most deserving of its own spotlight, a NEW Best In Show distinction in 2024.


 Work that was created on behalf of a Bonafide non-profit is eligible to win ANDY Gold and be considered for Best In Show for Social Good