Lo Ting-fai, Lofai, Director and General Manager, HK Television Entertainment Co Ltd. (ViuTV)

Mr. LO Ting Fai, Lofai has been the Director & General Manager of ViuTV since it was founded. Mr. Lo joined PCCW group in 2010 and has served the company in various capacities the past 10 years, including as the Senior Vice President of Strategy and management positions in the areas of production, programming and advertising revenue. Prior to that, Mr. Lo was the Creative Director of Apple Inc. and had previously worked in Hong Kong, Shanghai, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Mr. Lo graduated with a bachelor’s degree in social sciences from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with first class honours. He also holds a master degree in science from Oxford University, UK, and is an alumnus of Harvard Business School, US



自ViuTV成立以來,魯先生一直擔任董事兼總經理,掌管ViuTV免費電視。魯先生在2010年加入電訊盈科集團,任職不同的管理及行政要職,包括電視及新媒體高級副總裁 (策略) ,以及管理製作、節目和廣告營收部門。在加入電訊盈科之前,魯先生曾擔任Apple Inc. 創意總監,以及先後在香港、上海、美國及英國工作。