ANDYs Shape The Future Creative Mentorship Program

Program Purpose: Leverage the International ANDY Awards world-class jury to refresh the industry by mentoring talented candidates who have the potential to change the industry in the next 10 years.

Mentee Criteria

  • Pursuing advertising (art direction, copywriting, etc.)
  • Committed and proactive
  • Candidates/alums with underrepresented groups and/or backgrounds from public universities and colleges and HBCUs
  • Grad students and recent grads (flexible since the selection will be on a case-by-case basis)

Program Structure

  • Creative Mentorship is part of a multi-prong initiative called Shape The Future.
  • No mentorship metrics or structure per se for the jurors, this is a group that will reject structure inherently.
  • Professors to hand pick the students, students don’t self-nominate/apply
  • International jurors will identify their own Mentee in their region/market as a starting point (ANDYs can help if needed)
  • Identify methods and metrics to track what works, doesn’t; any success stories that emerge; bonds that form; how the program can or will change the trajectory of Mentees’ career and/or impacts the industry


  • Open Nomination Process
  • January: Activate and match-make mentors & mentees
  • February: Have Mentors and Mentees meet/chat at least 1x prior to the judging
  • March 2023-March 2024 Mentors/Mentees have 1 Mentoring session/per month
  • Check-Ins with Mentor and Mentees

Mentee Nomination

Mentee Name(Required)
(ex. Art Direction, Copywriting, Design, Communications, etc)

Nominator Info

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