The ANDY Awards proudly presents ‘The ANDYs Effect,’ a compelling campaign celebrating its 60th Anniversary, which emphasizes the transformative power of winning early at The ANDYs in shaping advertising careers, as an extension of our previous campaign ‘Win Early. It Pays Off.,’ The campaign unfolds through energetic mini-documentaries featuring notable industry figures, Susan Credle, Global Chief Creative Officer at FCB Global, and Anselmo Ramos, Founder & Creative Chairman at GUT. The campaign also features past ANDYs Student Winners and Scholarship recipients, Rodrigo D Batista and Elenita Hernández.

These influential voices share their stories of early success at The ANDYs and how these victories became pivotal in their legendary careers.’The ANDYs Effect’ showcases the impact of The ANDY Awards on individuals across different stages of their careers and its role in catapulting talents to the forefront of the advertising industry.

Susan Credle

Anselmo Ramos

Rodrigo Batista and Elenita Hernández