Yasuharu Sasaki, Head of Digital Creative and Executive Creative Director, Dentsu Inc., Tokyo

Yasuharu (Yasu, to those who know him) is an Executive Creative Director with a background in computer science whose curiosity has always found a way into writing, digital design, and coding. A self-professed ‘Geek,’ he spends time inventing things in the field of next-generation communications.

In 1995 Yasu joined Dentsu, where he accomplished advertising’s greatest feat: staying at the same agency for 25 years. With additional stints at IconNicholson, StrawberryFrog, and Dentsu America, he has worked on clients such as Coca-Cola, Glico, Google, Honda, Kirin Brewery, Shiseido, and UNIQLO. His list of awards includes Cannes Lions, D&AD, The One Show, Spikes, ADFEST, and CLIOs, of which he’s also been a jury member including Jury President of Creative Data Lions at Cannes 2019 and Digital Jury President at D&AD 2020.

Currently, Yasu is in charge of leading digital creative teams at Dentsu, developing digital brand experiences and integrated solutions. He also leads innovation teams who are inventing and developing new services, products, and platforms using the latest technologies.

Sometimes, you’ll find Yasu kayaking anywhere from the rivers of Mongolia to the Hudson in New York. Always, however, he seems to be wearing a cool shirt.