Mike Wente, Vice President, Head of Creative Marketing and Brand Design, Verizon

Mike Wente—Vice President, Head of Creative Marketing and Brand Design—is responsible for how Verizon’s brand comes to life through Retail, Digital, Social and Events. Before joining Verizon, he served as Chief Creative Officer of Dentsu in San Francisco, and as Co-Chief Creative Officer, North America, for VML.

A contemporary creative leader, Mike believes in the value of telling stories that make an impact beyond campaigns. In 2023, Verizon’s myPlan, an industry-revolutionizing, customer-first service, forever changed the way people access and control phone plans. Also this year, Verizon collaborated with The Met and Roblox to create Replica, an interactive, mixed-reality exhibit that transported real art history to the metaverse. In recent years, he also employed 5G technology to tell immersive stories about subjects like the Indy 500, The Met during lockdown and Verizon’s role reconnecting New York after 9/11.

Mike is committed to the principle that great ideas can come from anyone, anywhere. His passion for craft, belief in team and partnership, and never-say-quit attitude are the hallmarks of his reputation in the industry. Throughout his career, Mike’s central focus has been on helping global brands create moments that move people, whether in technology, sports, entertainment, media, consumer electronics, CPG, automotive or other industries.

With these principles in mind, in just three short years Mike has led Verizon through a period of creative transformation that resulted in the company’s most creatively awarded period ever. Since 2020, the brand has earned Golds at every major awards show, including Verizon’s first-ever Golds at D&AD and Cannes.