Jody Xiong, Founder and Creative Director, The Nine Shanghai

Digital Director at Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

Jody worked as a creative director at different 4A advertising agency for 18 years, before founding his own creative agency The Nine Shanghai. In five years, The Nine Shanghai has created many influential campaigns for different brands such as 2022 Winter Olympics, Coca Cola, Volkswagen, Durex, Volvo and Tencent, and ranked second among the hottest creative institutions in China, and was ranked TOP 12 Asia’s Most Creative Agencies in Campaign Brief Asia Creative Rankings in 2021.

In 2022, Jody was invited to join Zhang Yimou’s team, the chief director of the opening ceremony of Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter paralympics, as the digital director and visual artist of the two opening ceremonies. he took part in the countdown projects of the Winter Olympics opening ceremony named “Beginning of Spring” and “Tribute to the People” together with China’s top digital technology team Blackbow. At the same time, he also created a technological and artistic installation called “The Bloom” as a tribute to Winter paralympics. This is an experiment of technology and art, an expression of the spiritual power of the disabled, through art, technology, digital, and image, let China’s creative power be seen by the global.

He was named TOP 12 Aisa’s Most Awarded Creative Leaders in Campaign Brief Asia Creative Rankings in 2021, The One Show & NY ADC 2021 Director Ranking, he ranks third in the Asia Pacific, and is the recipient of over 500 creative and film awards and recognitions. His accolades include: China’s first-ever Cannes Design Gold Lion, 21 Pencils at D&AD , One Show and Australia AWARD, 9 Cubes and 21 Merits at New York ADC, Best Commercial Award at New York International Film Awards, Best Commercial at Los Angeles Film Awards, Best Micro Films at Tokyo International Short Film Festival, Best VFX at 2022 Cannes Shorts Film Festival, The “Official Selection” at Venice Shorts Film Awards, Best Animation at Paris Play Film Festival, 8 Statues of Clio Award, 17 Statues of London International Awards, 27 Trophies at MAD Stars Awards , 32 Trophies at AdFest of which 2 are Grand Prixs, Grand Prix at Green Awards, Gold at Andy Awadrs, Gold at Epica Awadrs, Gold at Spikes Asia, etc. His works have been featured by NY MoMA, Wired, Huffington Post, CANAL+, Time Out NY, VICE, and through many other media outlets.

He has served as a jury member at various festivals including D&AD, NY ADC, One Show, Clio, New York Festivals, AD Stars, ADFEST and Spikes Asia.